Taylor Swift Fans Threaten Clothing Company


(Christopher Polk, Getty Images / Bad Kids Clothing)

You would think clothing stores would have learned their lesson from Abercrombie & Fitch going againt the T. Sweezy. But apparently, one clothing store doesn’t care! Bad Kids Clothing WANTS Taylor’s fans to get upset! They say they love the attention.

The store owner said that one day after unveiling the shirt online, she had received hundreds of messages from disgruntled fans. The crazy part; these messages included threats to BURN DOWN THE STORE. Wow… I would think it’s time Taylor took over and told her fans to chill out!

Bad Kids Clothing says they’re sticking to their guns:

We will not be removing the shirt from our store. We will however remove Cory’s name. This shirt is intended to be light hearted and a joke – for those who can understand this type of humor. We will deal with the death threats and incredible slander from here on out, when necessary, with proper authorities as it is never acceptable to threaten anyone’s life.

The original with Cory’s name looked like this:

(Bad Kids Clothing)

What do you think? Should her fans be mad about this one? Comment below!


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