Vince Gill’s True Feelings About Taylor Swift


Larry Busacca, Getty Images

Vince Gill just joined Taylor on stage at the CMA’s to perform ‘Red’, and it should be no secret that this legend has much love for this country mega star. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Vince said:

I love Taylor. Does she make me think of Loretta Lynn and Kitty Wells? Never. But that’s okay. She has something that’s so compelling, people are drawn to it and you can’t deny that. That’s what makes it great. I don’t think she’d stand there with a straight face and tell you, “I can sing like Mariah Carey.” She doesn’t have to. History is full of people that weren’t knock-your-socks-out-I’m-the-greatest-singer-that-ever-lived. But she connects. And that’s what I like. I love things that connect to people. There are people who can play me under the table, sing me under the table. But there’s nothing about them that’s going to move somebody. That’s the point of anything musical. To have a conversation.

And that’s why he is a LEGEND! Well said.



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