Top 10 Gifts Men and Women DON’T WANT For Christmas


Men Don’t Want:

  1. Socks
  2. A Bad Sweater
  3. Books they’ve already read
  4. Cheap Cologne or Toiletries
  5. Slippers
  6. A Mug
  7. Calendar
  8. Chocolate
  9. A Handkerchief
  10. Second-hand stuff

Women Don’t Want:

  1. Cheap Perfume or Toiletries
  2. Cheap Jewelry
  3. Make-up that isn’t right for them
  4. A bad Sweater
  5. Candles
  6. Second-hand stuff
  7. Books they’ve already read
  8. Chocolate
  9. A Scarf
  10. A Calendar.

Welp… I’m gonna be needing some gift receipts!



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