PHOTOS: Trace Adkins Confronts Impersonator


TMZ has obtained more information on the altercation Trace Adkins had with an impersonator on a Country Cruise. This is the incident that sent Trace back to rehab for alcohol addiction.

Witnesses told TMZ:

Trace had been in the bar pounding shots … and when he saw the impersonator he made a beeline for him.

Trace felt for a long time … the impersonator had become like a stalker, following him around the country.  So when the singer saw the guy on the ship, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

TMZ was told Adkins screamed, “This has gone on long enough … Take the f**king hat off.”  Larsen obliged — taking off his hat and standing there silently while Trace yelled in his face … but it was strictly a verbal attack … no punches were thrown.

Wow, glad nobody was hurt, but talk about things escalating quickly!


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